Bar line replacement. Broken flying lines can be replaced or mended, depending on severity and location of break. When replacing both front lines, we strongly suggest both lines be changed at the same time. Q-PowerLine is the preferred replacement line in our shop. It's low stretch and high durability make it far superior to regular Spectra line.

Powerline line replacement

Depower rope repair

Depower ropes frequently break due to the abrasion around the lower bar components. OEM replacement rope can be installed, or we can make custom pieces to fit your bar.

Flying line lengths will almost always change with use of your bar. If we can tune your bar with its existing adjustments, we will. But, sometimes the manufacturers do not build in enough adjustment, or none at all. In that case, we will even out your lines by re-sleeving new ends.

New kite lines

bridle repair

Bridle lines usually break from abrasion of a pulley. When a kite gets to this point in it's age, its best to replace these lines before they break while you're riding.  It is also advised that the pulleys themselves be checked for wear and replaced if necessary.