bladder pinhole repair 

Pins holes allow your kite to stay inflated for a while, but by the end of your session, it will have lost a lot of pressure and perform poorly. We remove your bladder and then identify and locally patch all the pin holes. If there is an excessive amount of pin holes, we deem the bladder compromised and suggest a replacement bladder.

Major bladder blow-outs can usually be repaired with our heat seaming techniques. If the damage is too severe, the only other option is a bladder replacement.

bladder welding repair

valve delamination repair

On old kites, valves will often fall off or break with age or poor storage condition. We can remove and replace these valves with OEM products. Using such valves and aftermarket bladders, we can template your old bladder and make a brand new bladder! This is especially important when brands stop producing bladders for their old kites.